What to Invest in During Inflation: 6 Strategies for Investors

Is there such a thing as inflation-proof investing? You can’t hide from inflation completely; however, you can plan for and protect yourself against it. As a financial advisor in Bountiful, UT, we will share what we think are some good investment ideas during inflation in this article.   Let’s focus on the silver lining of […]

Why is Inflation Rising? Now Compared to 40 Years Ago

inflation calculation and analysis

High inflation hits everyone actively participating in the economy, although its effects aren’t distributed evenly across the United States. To understand inflation and get a sense of where we’re headed, it can help to compare the recession of the early 1980s to now.  These categories are good places to begin:  Employment rates Cost of living […]

Why is Inflation Rising and How Did We Get Here?

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The Central Bank is still trying to tame the fastest price escalation the nation has witnessed in four decades. As rates increase, it pays to inflation-proof hard-earned income. Wealthy investors want to avoid the current and long-term cost of living by eating away at their nest eggs. According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, […]

6 Tax Secrets the IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know

IRS homepage to be used for information on taxes

The IRS knows that taxpayers research how to avoid paying taxes, so why would they make it easy? The power of the people resides in getting educated, and a financial advisor, Bountiful, UT based is ready to support you in your quest for knowledge.  When thinking of the Internal Revenue Service, what comes to mind? […]

How to Avoid Paying Taxes with Charitable Giving

woman researching how charitable giving affects taxes

Through the act of giving, we receive. How wonderful that this also applies when tax season rolls around. It’s that time again, so learn to reap the benefits of your tax planning initiatives!    Need help with tax-deductible charitable giving? Now is the perfect time with Advanced Retirement Strategies (ARS)!    While gathering tax documents […]

Proactive Tax Planning for Wealthy Individuals

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Wealthy people in Bountiful and surrounding areas need to think proactively about tax planning now more than ever. The current political situation is likely to lead to tax increases in several ways, including a hike in income tax rates and a jump in capital gains taxes. In addition, wealth tax exemption for estates might be […]

Potential Tax Law Changes Could Be On the Horizon

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The big questions: Did the Build Back Better Bill pass?  The short answer: No – it has not: it remains very much in question.  Americans are maintaining the status quo while patiently awaiting a reasonable tax reform. As of today, the extensive list of “Build Back Better” proposals were not passed as originally planned. The […]

Retiree Tax Document Checklist: What Documents Do I Need to File Taxes?

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Filing taxes is a life-long responsibility; not one to fret, but one you can learn to enjoy and make beneficial to your retirement plans. There are numerous reasons that a financial advisor in Bountiful UT should assist. Similar to pre-retirement, your annual tax burden will be calculated based on your income, though there are different […]

A New Year’s Resolution: The Importance of Proactive Tax Planning

Every time you earn, spend, save, and invest your money there are tax implications. Almost every financial decision you ever make will be taxable. Instead of waiting until April 15th to find out how each decision you made in the previous year hits your tax return, you can take a more strategic approach that allows […]