The DREAM Experience Process

Our process, using the acronym of D3REAM, helps us work together to prioritize your goals, create income and investment plans, and monitor the results for years to come.

What are your DREAMS?

Our Unique D3REAM Experience

We’ve found that every client is unique and different. While some clients have a complex financial situation with investments totaling more than several million, others are more simple and may have a portfolio with maybe a few hundred thousand or less.

But portfolio size isn’t the only way our clients are unique. For example, you may be the type of person who decides rapidly and just wants the big picture, whereas your friend might want to analyze why we suggest the solutions and investments that we do, and desires to really dig into the nuts and bolts before making a decision. 

Whatever your situation and preferences, we’ve developed a unique system to identify, articulate, and clarify your retirement goals and dreams in order to put in action a custom plan to get you there. 

We cater to both big-picure people as well as the nuts-and-bolts type, and we can make things as simple or as in-depth and technical as you desire.

What are your DREAMS?

Why Do You Want to Retire?

Before meeting with us to begin the DREAM experience, it’s a good idea to consider what your reasons are for retirement. Why do you want to retire? Are you simply done working and ready to relax, or do you want to continue to work or mentor on the side? Do you want to travel and see the world or do you want to stay home and relax?

What projects would you like to work on? Where would you like to go and see? What hobbies do you want to fund?

What experiences would you like to have? And do you have a plan of action as to how you’re going to fund those activities and experiences?

Whether you want to travel, serve a mission, or take your grandchildren on vacation, our goal is to get you there. Through both creating the income and investment plan, and implementing that plan in the real world, our goal is to assist you in creating the income and investment plans needed to give you the highest probability of success. 

(By the way…we love sending clients on their dream vacations.)

Strategic. Effective. Logical.

The Transition of Trust

Most clients who work with us have used a variety of financial planners, attorneys, 401(k) plan administrators, and CPAs during their working years. Many of these are trusted professionals.

As you approach retirement, it’s very common that additional professional resources are needed. Additional resources are needed to solve new problems that present themselves. For example, decisions need to be made around Social Security, Medicare, tax minimization, income planning, and at-retirement investing.

Rarely do your previous professional relationships have the expertise to solve these new obstacles. From experience, you want a team who has expertise in each of these areas. After all, you wouldn’t want a general practitioner to do your heart surgery, you would want a heart surgeon.

We know that trust is earned.

Finding new professional relationships that you trust is one of three necessary transitions into retirement (the other two transitions are your investments and creating retirement income). We’re grateful for the many families that trust us to be a part of their retirement team. 

As an independent firm we have the flexibility to use best in class investment strategies and aren’t mandated to use a specific set of investments or insurance products. We’re also fiduciaries, which means we’re legally obligated to do what’s in your best interest.

As a fiduciary fee-based firm, our compensation is aligned to take care of you long-term. Many of our clients have been with us more than a decade. Some as many as twenty-five years.

Free Consultation

Want To Learn More?

If the D3REAM Experience peaks your interest, we’d invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our planners. This meeting is no charge and allows us to get to know each other, discuss your situation, and explain the proven process we’ve developed over many years. 

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