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It’s no secret. For decades the financial services industry and Wall Street have been allowed to hide their fees from the investor. At Advanced Retirement Strategies, our team of fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ are pushing back on that model by creating a completely transparent pricing model for their services. Our clients know what they pay and what services they receive for that fee.

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Fee-based Fiduciaries

All our advisors are fee-based, fiduciary advisors. What this means is that we will not be “selling” or soliciting any commission-based investment products to any of our clients. Rather, we prefer to set up our compensation structure so that the more money you make, the more money we may potentially make – ultimately aligning our interests and more importantly, ensuring we continue to provide the highest level of service.

HOw we are compensated

We Are Paid In 3 Ways:


An upfront onboarding and financial planning fee. As you can imagine, there is a lot of time and effort put forward when a comprehensive financial plan is done right. This fee will cover the time and effort from all our staff as we create your customized financial plan. Because we are a fiduciary, we will always sign a legal contract to clearly outline all areas of your financial life covered in our financial plans.


For those clients who do not elect to keep any assets on our platform but want to tap the expertise of our team of CFPs®, we do offer a monthly or annual retainer for our assistance. This fee is negotiated depending on the complexity and time of every situation.


Assets under management fees are the third way we are paid. Like our other 2 fee structures, our AUM fees are clearly outlined and easy to understand. This fee is typically deducted directly from the account we manage on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Full transparency

Our Fee Strucure

At Advanced Retirement Strategies we have a transparent and easy to understand pricing model for our advisory services.

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