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Advanced Retirement Strategies

What to expect during your free discovery consultation:

Zero Sales Pitch

Just as any good doctor focuses on an accurate diagnosis before considering a prescription, you can expect us to be fully engaged in understanding your situation... not trying to sell you something.


Full Transparency

In an industry that has traditionally demonstrated a noticeable lack of transparency and hidden agendas, we do things differently. Not only are we committed to being fully transparent, but as CFP® professionals we have a legal obligation to be entirely upfront about how we get paid.


Entirely Confidential

Meet with us in confidence knowing that your questions and concerns are entirely confidential and shared with nobody outside of the office. Your financial security is our top priority.


The ARS Team,
Experts in defined outcome financial & retirement planning.

Our mission is to work with you, in a fiduciary capacity, to anticipate your life transitions and be financially prepared for them, however expected or unexpected they may be.

Russ Hodgson, CFP®

President, Managing Principle

With over 30 years as a fiduciary  advisor, Russ’ focus and expertise centers upon comprehensive, defined outcome financial, retirement, and income planning.

Joe Pond, CFP®

Private Wealth Advisor

With years of experience and a B.S. in Finance and Economics from the University of Utah, Joe’s passion is investment research and management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a fee-based fiduciary financial planning firm. As a fiduciary, we’re legally obligated to do what’s in your best interest. Our process is educational and collaborative, with zero pressure.

There are three ways we are paid:

  • Depending on the complexity of your financial situation, we may charge a financial planning fee to create your investment and retirement income plan.
  • We may be paid on a percentage-of-assets basis, meaning that as we invest and manage your assets, we’re paid a small percentage of the assets we manage, generally around 1%. If you have investment assets of one million or more, we have innovative flat-free pricing available.
  • On occasion, products that work well and are chosen by our clients aren’t available through a fee-based structure. On these occasions, we may be paid a commission.

Yes. As fiduciary advisors, we’re legally obligated to do what’s in your best interest.

According to the CFP® Board, CFP® professionals “are trained to help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reach your short- and long-term financial goals … from planning for retirement to saving for college.”

In order to become a CFP®, one must accrue thousands of hours of financial planning experience, meet additional educational and ethical requirements, and pass a rigorous day-long exam.

If you needed physical security, would you hire a former Navy Seal or the local mall cop? Likewise, CFP®’s are the trained, qualified professionals equipped to handle your financial security. 

Although the legal entity “Advanced Retirement Strategies” was officially organized a number of years ago, the members of the team here at ARS have decades of experience in the financial planning industry. In some cases over 30 years.

Not all those who provide solutions for retirement are the same. Some are insurance agents, who don’t do investments or comprehensive planning. Some are insurance agents, who have the licenses to do some investments but it isn’t their expertise. Some financial advisors are great comprehensive planners but are beholden to a specific bank and organization to use their investments or products.

Here’s the bottom line: If you go to a plumber who’s only tool is a hammer, what will they use to fix your problem? Yes, a hammer.

Navigating the transition into retirement is complex and your investments are only one piece of the pie. In addition to investment services, a good comprehensive fiduciary will have knowledge and resources about Social Security, Medicare, income planning, tax minimization, charitable giving, estate planning, and more.

Rarely, will one individual have all of these resources or knowledge. It takes a team of experts. 

While our team at Advanced Retirement Strategies fits this description, if you don’t use our firm, we strongly suggest you work within this framework for the optimal results.

Only as much as you’re comfortable with, but typically, to receive the best possible advice, we need the following to more completely understand your situation:

  • Information regarding investments held,
  • Number of dependents
  • Income and expenditure details,
  • Savings and financial planning needs, etc.

The more accurate information you give, the better the quality of advice given.

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