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A financial professional since 1981, Larry has the in-depth knowledge of financial issues that comes from more than three decades of experience. As an independent financial advisor, as well as military veteran of 28 years, his motto has always been “Service Before Self”.

He has learned from his experiences the critical important of creating a great team. Thus, when establishing a financial plan, it is always based on a team concept for achieving the client’s goals and expectations.

In the realm of families and small businesses, we will focus our resources on those who are willing to implement effective strategies, to efficiently minimize fees and expenses, while maximizing rewards in order to obtain family objectives and recruit and retain quality employees. In this way, they will be prepared for life’s contingencies and achieve success and financial self-reliance.

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Larry Matson

When it comes to taxes, no one likes to pay more than they must. However, most Americans go through the same process every year… and end up missing out.

Broken. Outdated. Inefficient.

The REACTIVE Approach

Most Americans focus simply on paying their taxes; In other words, collect their tax forms, file with their CPA or enter the data into a tax filing software, and wait to find out what they will owe that year. This is a REACTIVE approach to tax planning and could be causing you to pay more than you should.

Strategic. Effective. Logical.

The PROACTIVE Aprroach

As proactive tax planners, this reactive tax planning process is antiquated and inefficient. At Advanced Retirement Strategies, our team works with all our clients to ensure we are taking the necessary steps to either reduce future tax liabilities or maximize tax brackets BEFORE they file their taxes.

This foresight and preemptive planning allows for exponentially more tax savings than would any amount of scrambling with different forms come tax time. 

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