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Over the past 30+ years we've been in this business, we've seen multiple market cycles, new legislation, a world-wide pandemic, and more. While we don't know what tomorrow will bring, we do know there are ways to prepare for whatever comes next. This is what ARS is all about.

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Many financial professionals can talk to you about your investments. That’s not hard to find. But most financial professionals and personal retail accounts simply don’t have access to the investment resources our team has.

For example, while working, resources for your investments are often limited to the company plan, the administrator, and options within that plan. As you prepare for and then transition into retirement, a different investment process is needed. We’ve found that the likelihood of success is significantly increased through a combination of institutional investments, outcome-based planning, and creating clear upside and downside parameters.

"Our job here at Advanced Retirement Strategies is to help clients who have spent a lifetime accumulating assets protect, allocate, and distribute those assets in order to remain financially independent."

- Russ Hodgson, CFP®
President, Managing Principle

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The Team Behind Advanced Retirement Strategies

Russ Hodgson, CFP®

President & Managing Principal,
Private Wealth Advisor

Joe Pond, CFP®

Investment Portfolio Strategist,
Private Wealth Advisor

Wendi Lyn Jensen

Executive Director,
Client Services Manager

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As regulated, fee-based fiduciary advisors we succeed as you reach your financial targets, not based upon commissions. We succeed as you succeed. If you’d like to understand how we can help you, consider scheduling a free, no-risk, zero-pressure discovery consultation.

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With the advanced strategies and proven processes we’ve developed, it’s no surprise that our clients are raving about Advanced Retirement Strategies.

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