Six Steps To Estate Planning In Bountiful, UT

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Did you know that the Covid-19 pandemic increased the overall U.S. awareness of the need to have a will, living trust, or other similar end-of-life document, prepared? According to an August 2022 survey from (senior living referral service):  50% think estate planning is somewhat important 33% have these plans in place 67% are leaving […]

Is A Will the Same Thing as a Trust? No…

Estate Planning

Though they are often mistaken for one another, a will and a trust are very different legal documents. Both are legal instruments that ensure any assets passed down to heirs and beneficiaries are in accordance with your wishes. While each is considered a pillar of estate planning, there are several disparities to consider, such as […]

What Is An Estate Plan And Why Do I Need One?

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When you think of the most precious memories and treasured items of your loved ones, what comes to mind? Whether it was quality time spent with family members, the family farm, or a pocket watch of your great-great grandfather, passing along your most valuable items matters. Even if it might not feel like a top […]

What Determines a Long-Term Investment?

Long Term Vision

As retirement investment advisors, we will tell you that confident commitment is at the core of long-term investing. A standard definition of an investment in the financial world is an asset that generates the potential for income or appreciation over a certain time. There are few things in life as important as making suitable investment […]

An August Letter to Clients: The Fed’s medicine for inflation

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The Federal Reserve has been grappling with the worst inflation in over 40 years. Of course, it’s not just the Fed. Equity investors, bondholders, consumers, and workers are feeling the sting of higher prices as well.  High inflation has forced the Fed to react by ratcheting up interest rates at the fastest pace since the […]

Do I Need A Financial Planner To Help Me Retire?

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So you want to retire, but do you have a financial plan in place? If not, why not? Creating a retirement strategy is essential for all individuals approaching their golden years. It ensures that you are able to enjoy the last phase of your life and live it according to your needs and desires.  However, […]

Are There Any Silver Linings to Rising Inflation?

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A hodgepodge of economic factors has gotten us to where we are today. In retrospect, we are now experiencing some of the highest inflation in decades. As people worry about a potential recession, we are here to help you stay calm amidst the unknown and plan for all outcomes. To address the top concern for […]

How Does Inflation Affect My Retirement?

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Was the re-opening of the economy scary for you? For many, it was downright terrifying, as around three million people were forced into retirement early due to the Covid pandemic. As inflation continues to impact investors of all ages, we’d like to shed some light on how it affects people in retirement. Judicious investing is […]

What Homebuyers Need to Know as Inflation Continues Rising

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Rising inflation results in higher prices around every corner, especially in the housing market inferno. If you are currently looking to buy a new home, Financial Advisors in Bountiful, UT, are here to inform you of what you should be aware of to plan and purchase wisely.  Even though houses are priced above average, the […]

How to Avoid Paying Taxes with Charitable Giving

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Through the act of giving, we receive. How wonderful that this also applies when tax season rolls around. It’s that time again, so learn to reap the benefits of your tax planning initiatives!    Need help with tax-deductible charitable giving? Now is the perfect time with Advanced Retirement Strategies (ARS)!    While gathering tax documents […]