An August Letter to Clients: The Fed’s medicine for inflation

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The Federal Reserve has been grappling with the worst inflation in over 40 years. Of course, it’s not just the Fed. Equity investors, bondholders, consumers, and workers are feeling the sting of higher prices as well.  High inflation has forced the Fed to react by ratcheting up interest rates at the fastest pace since the […]

How Does Inflation Affect My Retirement?

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Was the re-opening of the economy scary for you? For many, it was downright terrifying, as around three million people were forced into retirement early due to the Covid pandemic. As inflation continues to impact investors of all ages, we’d like to shed some light on how it affects people in retirement. Judicious investing is […]

Why is Inflation Rising? Now Compared to 40 Years Ago

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High inflation hits everyone actively participating in the economy, although its effects aren’t distributed evenly across the United States. To understand inflation and get a sense of where we’re headed, it can help to compare the recession of the early 1980s to now.  These categories are good places to begin:  Employment rates Cost of living […]