Why is Inflation Rising and How Did We Get Here?

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The Central Bank is still trying to tame the fastest price escalation the nation has witnessed in four decades. As rates increase, it pays to inflation-proof hard-earned income. Wealthy investors want to avoid the current and long-term cost of living by eating away at their nest eggs. According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, […]

7 Sources of Extra Retirement Income

The best retirement income plans – ones that maximize Social Security benefits, incorporate a comprehensive tax strategy, and use a bucket strategy – will help minimize the need to continue working. However, even diligent savers may find that, once they have retired, they could use a bit of extra income. Perhaps they want to expand […]

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Planning Retirement Income

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Retirement income planning is one of the most critical ingredients for a stress-free and happy retirement. After all, you have spent decades saving for retirement. Now, it’s time to enjoy it while also making sure that your savings last. Retirement income planning helps people create a strategy for transforming their retirement savings into retirement income. […]

How to Create Retirement Income

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At Advanced Retirement Strategies, we can’t tell you how often we hear our clients in the Salt Lake City area discuss their fear of running out of money in retirement, which is why we’ve compiled this list of strategies for how to create retirement income. Thankfully, successful retirement involves more than just socking away cash […]

Retirement Income Planning and the Bucket Strategy

ARS Bucket Strategy for income planning

When you get ready to leave the workplace, retirement income planning will help you make the jump from your career to retirement. While working, you’re financially dependent on your paycheck to provide income to pay expenses, go on vacations, and invest for your future. The goal of retirement income planning is to move from financial […]